Friday, October 10, 2014

Not What I Planned

     Well I had planned to finish up my post on healing the gut and then on workout recovery this week,   but my body had other plans.  After not near enough sleep a couple of nights this week I have felt less than great this week and ended up with a bad headache. So now that I'm back to normal (relatively speaking) :) I thought I'd do a post about what to do when a bad day (or week) hits.
    First and foremost start by drinking lots of water.  Water will not only clean out and hydrate your cells it can help with energy.
  Second sweat it out.  Sweating will help you release toxins and I don't know about you but I would rather be warm than cold any day.  There are several ways to get your sweat going.  I once knew a guy who when he would start to feel sick would go for a long run to sweat it out.  He rarely got sick.  While this sounds good in theory its not something I ever feel like doing but if you love to run, have at it.  My favorite two ways would be to take a mustard bath, yes you read right a mustard bath.  Check out Dr. Singha's mustard bath  Not only are they great for general detox they are very effective for when and if respiratory yuck hits.  Another favorite would be an infared sauna.  Infared saunas get deeper into the cells of the body thus giving you a deeper detox and helping you sweat even more.  I am getting one for Christmas and will keep you all posted on the first hand benefits.
    Third support your liver.   There are multiple ways to cleanse the liver.  First there are multiple herbs such as dandelion root, yellow dock and milk thistle.  There are also supplements that combine different herbs to give you a synergistic effect.  My favorite supplement for detoxing the liver is lecithin.  Typically lecithin is derived from soy but if you are like me and don't tolerate soy Now brand makes a lecithin from sunflowers that works great.  Coffee enemas are another great way to detox the liver and colon.
     My last suggestion is just to crawl in bed and take a nap.  Sleep can help in repairing the body.  Sleep can decrease and prevent inflammation.  It also assists with modulating the immune system.  And it just feels good to get enough sleep.
   Hopefully these tips help with those inevitable bad days.


  1. Hello: Did you manage to clear up your acne? I would live to read a post on that:) I just started Armour and was wondering what dose you took and when you saw a difference in your acne? Thanks for your posts! :)

    1. Natalie, Great questions, thanks for asking and hopefully soon I'll get a post up about acne. My acne disappeared in a couple of weeks once I quit all sugars including fruit. I know this is not easy but doing this and taking a high quality probiotic can help tremendously. Even though I am still not doing sugars I recently starting breaking out again. I think it has been due to the stress of moving. I have found that colloidal silver has been effective at combating the breakouts. I currently take 40 mg of Armour. I like to divide the dose up between first thing in the morning and before dinner. Also make sure your adrenals are being supported as this will also help your thyroid.